What is SPI?

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What is SPI Training System® anyway? What makes it so different?

It is a training program which addresses and can be adjusted to all ages, needs and characteristics of the trainees. It is flexible, which means it is ideal, for young and older, beginners or advanced, even athletes. It offers a full training workout for the whole body which aims to improve all physical parameters (strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility).

Selected exercises from various methods of workout programs, from every sports field or sport, combine to create an hourly schedule. Indoor halls like gyms, studios, sport clubs etc., indoor or outdoor areas such as parks, squares, stadiums and others, can be transformed into an 'SPI® training field'.

We give the starting signal and the timer starts to count. The workout begins and the selected music gives rhythm and pulse, urging everyone’s effort and surrounding each training module. SPI Training System®, uses circuit training, interval training, super sets and the mixed-set system. The entire program is divided into five sections. Let's find out what is included in each section!
• First section: We begin our workout with drills using agility ladders .... we play, in and out, using left foot, right foot ... we all get in a row and begin !!!
• Second section: After finishing the game on the stairs and having "woken our body up", we begin with our interval training ... working out using our body weight.
• Third section: We enter the circuit training (or variations). Powerbags, kettlebells , T-BOW® / steps, agility ladders, semi balls, medicine balls, are all waiting in line ... winking and nodding and prodding us to make an effort...fearless, harmless, they do not bite... You cannot imagine what you will discover about your strength and yet endurance capacity or the ways to improve your physical condition!!
• Fourth section: Exercises that strengthen our upper body come next... we workout using mattresses abdominal exercises, dorsal and planks using the pilates method in order to grow "taller" and improve body posture.
• Fifth section: Body recovery with flexibility exercises... such as stretching or relaxing with yoga.

Each time we use different equipment, it becomes a different challenge, depending on the workout area and the purpose of the program. In this way we can have:
Functional exercises using powerbags
Dynamic exercises trying kettlebells
Proprioception exercises and dynamic stabilization of the upper body, using medicine balls
Agility and speed exercises using agility ladders
Aerobic and anaerobic exercises using T-BOW® / step
Exercises of intense dynamic/high intensity and muscle strength using heavy ropes / power ropes
Body weight exercises using straps (suspension training)
Different training systems are combined, such as aerobics, aero-fight, dance (second section), pilates (fourth section), yoga (fifth section).

The music varies between dynamic and fast rhythm, sometimes more rhythmic and sometimes smooth and calm, challenging us to try the next exercise, the next section and to cheer us up! Each section is a new step to improve ourselves... and yes, we can do that because we are part of a group with our fellow-athletes!